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    Unlocking the power of information within your docketing system will deliver more benefit to your organisation than the system that you chose.

    All IP firms and Corporate IP divisions have to mange the complex process of their patent and trademark portfolios. There are numerous systems available that provide software, applications or services that help manage this process.  They are all capable of providing your attorneys and paralegals with an up to date status on a case or portfolio. They all track and report when action is due, and follow a lifecycle of a matter defined by a set of rules and provide reports to alert attorneys or staff of office actions / key filing dates and patent renewal fees.  

    These systems hold a huge amount of valuable information that can be put to good effect in managing a portfolio however, the difference is in how accessible this information is.

    We provide a number of services to help draw on better management information from your docketing system, including:


    The quality of information is strongly dependent on the quality of the paralegals or docketing staff that input the data. We can work with you to review current procedures, make improvements and document the Operational Procedures.


    When organisations merge there are often significant benefits available from economies of scale. The most central one is often consolidating disparate docketing systems. We can help with the integration of different data systems by reviewing data quality and applying rules to make the data consistent with special focus on conversion and reformatting before integration into one system.


    We can help you extract the right information from your docketing system with our in-depth knowledge of reporting software. We prepare custom reports in addition to advice on selecting the most appropriate intelligent and flexible Management Information Systems.

    Operational Effectiveness

    Missing just one renewal date can lead to abandoning a patens and a professional indemnity claim. Risks cannot be taken with docketing or the availability of the underlying IT system. We can help your organisation to be prepared to recover from a disaster whether it is a hardware failure, a virus attack or a flooded server room.

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