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    Fast-track implementation of new technology strategy enables IP firm to retain and expand global client base


    Superior client service is critical to the success of this UK-based IP firm. The majority of their clients are sophisticated multinational corporations based outside of the UK, particularly in the USA. . They operate in highly competitive industries and use leading technologies in their customer dealings. They expect the same speed of access and availability to their own files from their attorneys including rapid turnaround times and fully electronic file sharing. Clients have also grown accustomed to the fast electronic access to their published documentation held by the USPTO, the UK Patent Office, and EPO.  They expect the same service and efficiency from their IP firm.

    This IP firm not only wanted to meet the needs of its client base in order to retain existing clients but to exceed these expectations. With the secondary aim that this IT initiative would help to differentiate their service from their competitors and be a key component of their client acquisition strategy.


    We recommended a fast-track alignment of the firm’s IT strategy with its business strategy. In addition to a number of improvements to business processes, the key change was to implement a practice-wide Paperless Office system. 


    The project started by defining a new IT strategy that was aligned with the business strategy of the firm, taking into account current and future needs. Specific focus was given to identifying the business requirements for the current business problem to meet and exceed clients’ expectations for service delivery.  Having determined that the fastest way to deliver these benefits to the clients was to implements a standalone Paperless Office solution., we used our in-house project standards and our experience from previous projects.  To expedite this process we also fast-tracked the software selection process using our proprietary ‘Knowledge Base’ of systems. 

    We configured, implemented and tested the software to ensure that it met the business requirements, specifically including high availability to firm attorneys and staff.  We developed a strategy for the conversion of the firm’s electronic and paper-based documents, and integration into the Paperless Office system. We oversaw the rollout, and ensured that users were properly trained.


    The strategy followed allowed the firm to rapidly enhance client service and productivity levels, and successfully retain its lucrative client base.  The firm is able to differentiate itself from its competitors, helping to acquire new clients in its overseas markets.

    Underpinning all this, the IP firm has a sturdy technology platform to build on with attorneys, staff and clients benefiting.

    To discuss the challenges that your organisation faces or find out more, please contact us.

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