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    Managing Documents

    IP practices need to be able to store and retrieve electronic files, easily and efficiently. Discovery requests, complex litigation, frequently-used precedents and highly active portfolios all require quick and reliable document searches.  Attorneys and staff need to ensure that they have the right version of a document, the complete case file and easy access to the perfect precedent.  This has become a challenge with the ever increasing volume of electronic documents.

    WhiteKnight Consulting can help select and implement a Document Management System that will enable you to store and search documents reliably, efficiently and intelligently, all with the distinct needs of an IP practice in mind.


    A Document Management System is a software programme designed to manage the storage and retrieval of electronic documents throughout their life-cycle from creation through to completion and archiving. This includes managing drafts, controlling versions, enabling multiple-user updates to a document (collaboration) and retrieval and intelligent searching. Document Management Systems (DMS) typically allow a host of information to be recorded about the document when it is saved, thereby allowing for detailed classification and fast, intelligent searching of documents.  DMS also typically control versions and allows for multiple-user document access and editing.  They usually include security fields to separate user access to information.  This is particularly useful in conflict of interest situations, where systems are required to control document access.     


    We specialise in selecting and implementing Document Management Systems tailored to the needs of IP businesses, whether it is for the preparation and prosecution of patent applications, trademarks or enforcement of intellectual property. We ensure that IP firms and corporate IP divisions store the right information about their documents that will make them easy to retrieve, easy to search, and enable attorneys and administrative staff to reuse documents. So when clients call with an urgent inquiry, or you need to find a signed letter or precedent fast, you and your staff will be able to find the document you need instantly.  This means improved client service, increased productivity, and happier attorneys and staff.

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