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    Managing Records and Emails

    If firms and corporates are to avoid high costs from electronic discovery requests or information requests, then managing email should be dealt with before the problems arise.

    IP practices now routinely send and receive thousands of documents over e-mail. Some of these are the official record of the company or firm. With the overloaded of email and email systems, the challenge is identifying or ‘declaring’ the emails that are official records and ensuring that these are filed in the right place, consistently and reliably. All this must be done without taking away billable time.

    It is events like electronic discovery request that show the true cost of email mismanagement. Retrieving all emails and electronic records relating to a case can present enormous work, not only searching through email accounts person by person but also identifying them according to criteria. An additional dimension of cost is introduced if electronic data needs to be retrieved from backups.

    WhiteKnight Consulting can develop an e-mail management strategy for you that will address your email and record management problems.  This problem is most easily solved with an automated technology solution and we can help your organisation select and implement e-mail management software to automate the work and train your attorneys and staff in its use. We can also ensure that your organisation has the right procedures in place to deal with any discovery request and that costs can be contained.

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