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    Planning for Strategic Change

    We work with clients to formulate business strategies for IP firms and Corporate IP departments that take advantage of the opportunities presented in highly uncertain environments whilst managing the inherent risks. We give clients the tools, framework, planning and decision making process to make solid strategic decisions.

    The strategy is vital to the business, whether the environment is set for high or low growth. It defines the goals and priorities for all subsequent initiatives carried out by the business. The strategy needs to be appropriate to the environment, this presents a unique challenge to the IP partners and managers. To conquer this challenge they need the right environment, the right skills to ask and answer the right questions.

    Successful strategy is built on a clear understanding of capabilities of the team, the opportunities in the market and the ambition of the partners and managers. Inherent to this success is an in-depth understanding of your clients, competitors and regulators.

    We have developed several approaches and tools to help clients with the planning process.

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