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    Using Technology Strategically

    Forward planning of technology can save substantially on costs and deliver more effective solutions through closer working with the business.

    CIOs and IP practice leaders know that the right investments in technology can deliver significant competitive advantage and productivity improvements.  As Information Technology plays a more vital role in the success of an IP organisation, the number and complexity of systems has increased and with this, expenditure, resource needs and risks. This is resulting in a greater need to ensure that IT investments deliver a positive return within an acceptable time and, the benefits that the business need. Technology changes take time to deliver and with a constantly changing business demands from clients, competitors and regulators, IT always seems to lag behind. 

    We help IP businesses to define and refine their IT Strategy. We create an environment where there is cohesion between the business and technology people, working together to define initiatives that are aligned with the Business Strategy. Where forward looking helps the IT department make the most effective use of their people, process and technology. We facilitate workshops to define an IT architecture that rationalises the complexity of disparate systems and simplifies the interconnectivity between these solutions.  An approach that delivers results against a number of areas:

    • IT Architecture & Infrastructure
    • IT Operations & Costs
    • IT Governance
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