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    Who We Are

    WhiteKnight Consulting is a business and technology consulting company that caters uniquely to Intellectual Property practices. 

    Established in 2001 with its head office in London, WhiteKnight Consulting has worked for IP organisations in the UK, Europe and the United States, with clients ranging from boutique IP firms to the world’s largest in-house IP division of a multinational corporation.

    WhiteKnight Consulting applies its specialised knowledge of the unique business processes and technology systems of IP practices, as well as their client-service needs, to help IP firms and in-house divisions meet and exceed their business objectives. 

    Because of our niche expertise in IP firms and corporate IP divisions this allows us to quickly zero in on your objectives, develop tailored strategies to achieve them, and select and implement the right technology solutions for you.

    We pride ourselves on our extensive knowledgebase of IP systems and technologies and our in-house project management standards that encapsulate our learning and enable our clients to benefit from better approaches to achieving their goals.

    We are not tied to any software vendor, hardware supplier or outsourcing organisation and do not have any preferred vendors/suppliers. This ensures that we are not compromised in giving you completely independent and impartial advice. 

    WhiteKnight Consulting continues to be a specialist in business and technology change for IP firms and divisions around the world.

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    We believe in giving our clients honest, objective and thoughtful, well-informed advice.

    Our 5 core values are:

    • PRIDE IN YOUR SUCCESS.  As consultants to your organisation we put your interests first and give you the very best in independent and objective advice. We pride ourselves in your success and believe that if you grow as successful clients then we grow with you.
    • BEING PROFESSIONAL. We believe in building relationships with our clients based on respect and trust. Upholding honesty in our advice without compromise to our integrity.
    • BEING RESOURCEFUL. Our consultancy often requires innovative solutions based on limited financial resources. We employ many cost and time saving techniques ensuring that you get the best value for your money.
    • FOCUS ON DELIVERING EARLY BENEFITS. We believe that the business changes and technology solutions we recommend and implement should start to show results as early as possible. This is particularly relevant to technology system where the benefits may otherwise not be delivered until completion of the project.  We develop strategies for our clients to show tangible benefits early and that continue to grow throughout the term of the project, it is what we call Continuous Value Delivery.
    • GROWTH THROUGH EXPERTISE. We believe that continual improvement in how we deliver the very best services to you as clients. With every assignment we complete, we feed back our learning into our quality standards so that we have new and better techniques to help our clients. This is how we make this wealth of knowledge grow as a company and benefit our clients.  

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    Founder and CEO, Richard Lucas is an established Project Manager, Business Analyst and technology specialist.  With 20 years experience in Information Technology, an M.Sc. in Information Technology and a B.Eng. in Mechanical Engineering both from University College, London. He has spent 12 years in Management Consultancy specialising in Business Analysis and in Project Management. In this time, he has successfully delivered innovative and industry-leading technology and business change to Intellectual Property organisations. 

    Prior to founding WhiteKnight Consulting, Richard was at Ernst & Young, Management Consulting Services, advising global blue-chip organisations on leading operational and technological changes. He spent the majority of this time helping clients to select and implement software.

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